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5 days ago

Tim Arnold

1st collaboration of the year. His voice, my song. 🙏 #GorgeousGeorge ... See MoreSee Less

1st collaboration of the year. His voice, my song. 🙏 #GorgeousGeorge


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When can we here it Tim Arnold ?

Oh to be a fly on the wall! With my camera of course. :-D

tell us when its ready !! x tim do they no its xmas time at tims !! x:0)

2 weeks ago

Tim Arnold

Wow, what a year. Here's my end of year video. Many creastive dreams I had in 2017 actually came true in 2018. Deep gratitude to each and every one of you who helped make that happen. May your dreams also turn to reality in 2019. Love and light, Tim xxx ... See MoreSee Less


This is horrible. Everything is stymied by the inability of both leaders to admit that there is nothing objectively better for the UK than EU membership. We're arguing over silver & bronze medals while pretending that gold doesn't exist.

1. Surprised how much I enjoyed @ColetteMovie
2. Not surprised how much I loved @the_favourite (Congrats to our friend #SandyPowell for the breathtaking costumes)
3. Completely destroyed by @beautifulboymov
Still putting myself back together. Wow

What say you @KermodeMovie ?